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Sweet Hip-pea Ltd is an online Eco-friendly baby store that specialises in products aimed towards gentle and attachment parenting techniques. We offer a range of baby slings and wraps, reusable nappies, organic herbal tea's, communication aids and eco-friendly parent and baby essentials. As a mum of two children under the age of 5 who is a practising gentle parent, I know how important and sometimes difficult it is to find the right essential products to help support you in your parenting journey. Attachment and gentle parenting can be extremely exhausting so having all the products you could need or want with a click of a button, 24 hours a day, will help so many parents continue to focus all their energy on raising their little ones, all whilst helping to create a better planet for them to inherit. 

After my first son was born, I chose to follow my babies lead and do what felt "right", little did I know that i was in fact becoming a gentle parent. I then struggled to find slings and wraps that I trusted as there are so many options on the market. As my son has grown I have tried to enforce positive discipline and allow him to make his own choices and figure the world out using his own experiences, with a little guidance from myself. I did notice however just how hard it was to find products to aid me in this parenting style as the children grow. So I had an idea, why not create a store which brings together all the products I trusted and found useful when raising my beautiful babies, and so Sweet Hip-pea was born!

We hope you find the products useful and enjoy them as much as we did. Each product is hand picked by myself, making sure they are planet friendly, non toxic and perfect for any parenting journey no matter what stage you are at.